Hello, been a year since the last post.
It's not likely I'm so busy. It's just im not good in finding the right time to start writing in here again. well ya, now i live in Surabaya for about 4 years, but sometimes i go home if i hav time. And I'm majoring architecture and it goes well luckily. Majoring architecture probably is a good choice for me, beside im no good at math and im so damn hate biology and chem. But im not gonna talk about that.

Sorry but seems i dont have anything to talk about. well maybe just a random publish i made cause i miss this blog. Okay maybe i would tell something that lately been on my mind. Now i am currently sitting on bed in my home. But what's been on my mind is the truth that i'm going to back at surabaya next week and i havent fully spent my time with fams. That's why.
Family may only consists of up to five or six people. but they cherish you well. They are warm and somehow they know how to make u angry cause they know your weakness.

Being separated like this makes me feel sick and mayb get jealous over my friends that didnt have to go outside city. Yah just be strong cause it's halfway through the goal. it's second year and 2 years more to spend then you get to spend all your day on home. That's maybe the only reason i can survive. By not counting the time nor hearing the sound of the clock.


Sorry for the babling, sincerely

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sasanti said...

Keep your spirit and get what you want...
We love you very much ...